Eminence Organics

Eminence Organics

Digital How-To Video Scripts

When Eminence Organics introduced their Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System, the company decided to shoot a series of digital how-to videos for their YouTube channel, which would be hosted by their lead skin-care trainer.

The challenge for me was figuring out how to craft audio-visual scripts for a creative team unfamiliar with the medium, and a host who wanted the freedom to ad-lib rather than memorize pages of text.

I began by crafting a salient and easily recognizable intro and outro. After this, I set about prioritizing what the Eminence team felt was essential information about these new products and I incorporated a voice-over, which gave the host the option of reading any written text directly from the script. Eliminating the need to memorize long passages of text made for more natural read and a much more enjoyable experience for the host, which translated nicely on camera.

The first video in the series has over 8k hits on YouTube and can be seen here.

Kristen Ross, WWM.