When Your Content Needs a Strong, Distinctive Voice

Great content writing is about more than finding the right words — it’s about finding your brand’s voice in a world that’s often a little too loud.

Welcome to Where Words Matter, home of my digital portfolio.

An award-winning writer based in Miami, I specialize in digital marketing strategy, multi-platform content, and brand storytelling. While my river of experience runs wide, my expertise is in writing for the technology, real estate, health & wellness, and education sectors.

More than anything else, I believe in the power of specificity & clarity in content, brand, and messaging. That is to say: when you leave aspects of your brand’s story to the imagination of your audience, you lose them. But if you know who you are? Well, so do they.

That is the essence of my approach to content writing and creative strategy.

And it works.

Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing Strategy

It all begins with a thoughtful plan that hones in on your unique offer, then drives lead gen & brand awareness.

Multi-Platform Content

Website, emails, social media, blogs, TV, and more: this is the execution phase of your digital marketing strategy.

Brand Storytelling

There is an audience who wants to hear your story. I uncover what about it is most compelling and tell it right.


Health & Wellness

Yoga Joint

Real Estate

Gabriola Park

Real Estate

The Crossing

Real Estate

Parc East

Real Estate

Notting Hill

Real Estate

3535 Princeton

Marketing Campaign of the Year, 2018.

Gabriola Park is an upscale residential development located in British Columbia, Canada. As the sole copywriter on the project, I was tasked with creating a campaign that would appeal to their target demographic by evoking a deep sense of nostalgia for the simpler things in life.

Our creative team achieved tremendous results and were awarded two Grand Georgie Awards® for our work on the project.


2018 Marketing Campaign of the Year.
2018 Sales Center of the Year.


2018 Advertising Campaign of the Year.
2018 Project Website of the Year.

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