The Crossing

The Crossing Residential Development

2016 – Digital, Print, Outdoor Signage & Sales Center
From Hustle to Home

A truly dazzling pocket of the west coast, The Crossing is located at the intersection of two very important roads; one the gateway to Vancouver, the other a shaded country road that transports you into this undisturbed wonderland. The perfect place to raise a young family, this development was going after Millennials interested more in quality of life than a hipster lifestyle.

As the sole copywriter on this project, I worked with the creative director to craft copy that would punctuate the advertising campaign’s visuals with a simple message – hang up your hat, kiddo; we’re home.

Michelle Des Rosiers, Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing Ltd.

Creative Director:
Michael Marsland-Root, Red Five Design.

Kristen Ross, WWM.