A & A Customs Brokers

A & A Customs Brokers

Promotional Brochure

Not your mama’s customs brokers, A & A is a small but highly energetic, dynamic company that has built a reputation for two things: 1.) Going above and beyond for their customers (these are people who will show up at your kid’s little league game. Actually.), and 2.) Efficient cross-border support at every stage of the process.

A & A wanted their brochure to be just as unique as their company without being too over-the-top. They also needed someone who could break down the process of transitioning from another company into clear steps and communicate them in succinct, easily digestible language.

Enter The Art of Clarity & Specificity. 

I broke down their process into three clear steps and replaced their generic Step 1 to 5 with A Real ConversationProposal Presentation, and Time to Make the Switch! 

This reflected the company’s two main priorities – making things easy for their customers and their customer-centric approach.

In searching for a fun way to express the extent of their abilities, I went with my favorite animal for a headline.

What Does An Elephant in a Tutu, An Airplane, and a Thousand Cashmere Sweaters Have in Common?

Probably nothing except that we can import or export all of them to the US or Canada. 

This was echoed later on in the section Government Agencies, Compliance Audits, and Other Fun Things, which was followed with the line, Tired of Dealing With the Elephant in the Room?

All in all, a fun job that allowed me to flex some creative muscles and collaborate with an energetic, open-minded team.

Kristen Ross, WWM.